2016 CodeCamp Participants Share their Story



Hey guys,

After an intensive month of learning the in and out of PHP /Laravel framework, the ‘graduands’ of our recently concluded 2016 CodeCamp were kind to share their story with us.

Read about the interesting things they shared: CodeCamp Participants share their story


Interesting. Good one.
Is CodeCamp targeted at people with zero coding knowledge? Would it be possible to see some of the stuff participants built?

Side note: I think it’s high time CcHub start looking looking into making its website responsive. It’s not so easy to read on mobile. :slight_smile: Cc @udezekene


Hi @shalvah

CodeCamp requires that you know the basics of programming.

The CodeCamp participants had a Demo Day last Tuesday where they showcase their projects. The projects are still going through a few tweaks but once they are done with it, they may be able to share.

Thanks again for the feedback we have made the adjustments.


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When is the next code camp and how long is it.


The next CodeCamp should kick-off in September, 2017. Applications should open in July/August, 2017.


Thank you very much . I appreciate it


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